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I wanted to see Valentino: The Last Emperor since I read about it in my Vogue months ago. The tickets sold out quickly of course but when I realized its run was extended I was thrilled. I immediately went to buy tickets and to my surprise and pleasure saw that last weekend's 8:10 showings also had a Q & A with the director, Matt Tyrnauer and Vogue's André Leon Talley!

Yes, the man himself in the flesh and all his fabulousity.

The documentary itself was a joy to watch. From Valentino’s hilarious comments to his six adorable pugs that followed him across continents, it’s a guaranteed smile. His relationship with Giancarlo, his 45 year partner in business and life, is not only funny but heartwarming. Their banter about dress designs, sets, and even Valentino’s tan is adorable.

Originally both Valentino and Giancarlo hated the film but came around when they saw what a positive reaction it received. Matt and André shared inside stories about how Matt hired male models to work the camera so Valentino and Giancarlo would let the cameras around them more. They also mentioned funny antidotes as well as how difficult Valentino was.

The film is ultimately about the special relationship between the two friends and how Giancarlo is truly the director of Valentino’s whole production. Together they are a special Yin and Yang; Valentino creating art and Giancarlo creating the magical world for Valentino's Haute Couture to exist in.


The Perfect Day

Ah Oui, to be a darling french coquette. Romping around Paris in Dior dresses, nibbling on french pastries, and kissing french boys. *Sigh*

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