Nuclear Wintour

The evening began with excitement; you could feel the anticipation filling the large auditorium. The 92 street Y was packed with women of all ages. Well dressed seniors, chic women in their 30’s and 40’s, and my hip looking peers. And to make the night even better a lovely woman was wearing the GORGEOUS Balmain crystal embellished jacket, which glittered under the lights. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, so breathtaking.

Then she appeared: signature pageboy bob, no sunglasses. Wearing a demur floral shift dress, a canary yellow cardigan, nude sling backs, and a single stand of pearls.

Jonathan Tisch began with the question “What is Fashion to you?” and after a loud interruption from PETA protesters in the balcony she resumed with a smirk “As I was saying, fashion means different things to different people.” Completely unscathed by the verbal attack, she continued with “..as long as fur is a part of fashion we [Vogue] will continue to report on it.”

She went on to speak about her background growing up in London and her support of Michelle Obama. She said in the past Washington had been frightened of the fashion industry, looked down on it even, but now there is finally a mutual understanding/respect since Michelle Obama enjoys fashion and embraces it.

Lovely things were said about New Yorkers and their strong sense of individual style. As well as the Met Costume Ball and the CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund that she created to help young designers and raise money.

She mentioned her first cover as her favorite cover and that she doesn’t think of herself as a brand. (yeah right, the iconic bob, sunglasses, and aloof demeanor - that’s called branding.) There was a lot of discussion about the changes Vogue has gone through since the recession and she mentioned the strong attention that’s being paid: The under $500 sections and her close eye on the prices of clothes going in the publication like the “little sequin dress from a designer who will remain un-named which costs $25,000” will not pass go.

The highlights were hearing her speak about how she lives and breaths fashion, how she loves every individual character that she works with at Vogue, how she doesn’t like Yes people. I liked hearing how perfect her answers were, genuine and polite, yet she could not mask the undercurrent of her Bitchness. It resonated through in not only her tone about certain subjects but her word choices and how she phrased her answers. I really feel she truly lives up to her portrayal.

So, good. Because she does a darn good job at bringing readers a sense of style and beauty that to most of us is a fantasy, a dream of a lifestyle, and a lovely escape. It’s also a hobby and fine art, which she facilitates to the finest extent. She put it best when saying she is so lucky and has the best job in the world, because she does.

When asked about the possibility of her two decade reign ending and what would she like to do, she simply answered no about leaving and “I’m not sure I would be good at anything else.”


In the Nude

This Spring I can’t get enough of Nude. Peachy or Rosy, nude is the best neutral to come along since Grey (my other obsession).

Wear a nude blazer over a summery dress
à la Stella McCartney; you can never go wrong with mixing this ultra feminine tone with a masculine piece.
Or wear the ultimate go-with-everything shoe. A nude shoe will not only match all your ensembles, but it so fresh and modern for spring.

If worn in a classic pump it elongates your leg.
If you’re a lady who lives on the cutting edge of style try tone on tone and sport your nude head to toe.

My favorite nude dress look of all time...
Carrie circa season 2


American Graffiti

Well, my kind's, your kind;
I’ll stay the same!
Pack up;
Don’t stray...

Wait! They don’t love you like I love you;
Wait! They don’t love you like I love you!
~ Maps; Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Graffiti makes the best background for anything, especially a weekend of photo shoots with a best friend.

center- dress:target, liquid leggings: AA, shoes: BCBG, white 80s clutch:thrifted
left- dress: Diabless-Paris, bolero jacket: F21, merlot suede clutch:vintage
right - purple tank: target, bubble skirt: Kennith Cole, sandals: steve maddon, layered gold necklaces: vintage from grandma
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