Autumn Afternoon

Vintage Autumn VS. Modern Autumn, I love the contrast. I also would love to be in either scene, basking under warm sun in the crisp air. Love the changing leaves.

Vintage Autumn: W Sept 09, Photos by Mert & Marcus, Styled by Alex White, Modeled by Lara Stone, Edita Vilkeviciute & Guinevere Van Seenus
PC- Fashion Copious


In A New York Minute

This really captures the essence of New York, everything is in motion.
Nonstop. Italian Flair, Photos by Dan Martensen, Model: Jeisa Chiminazzo
PC-Fashion Gone Rogue


Dark and Moody

I'm in the mood for dark eyes this winter
Although not something I think I can fully pull off like above, maybe I can give the thick (ok, maybe not as thick) crescent shaped liner a try. Maybe keep it in a deep Navy?
I loooove the hair and bow, this is a must try. I seriously adore the look below, I'm thinking for New Years? The dress is to die for.
PC- Jack and Jill, Knight Cat


Leopard and Leather

This fall I NEED:
PC- The Satorialist, Knight Cat


Fav Emmy 09 Dress

Leighton Meester rocked the Emmys for 3 reasons:

1. Her Bottega Veneta dress is graceful and light yet with her dark stained lips and attitude it seems edgy all the same
2. It seems perfectly age appropriate on her and I love that. She looks so fresh. Even her hair is youthful, pulled back messily yet still so romantic.

3. She looks stunning without trying and seems like she picked the dress because she loved it, not because she cared if it would showcase her body. It showcases her beauty.

PC - Just Jared

Why do I stress the man? When there's so many better things at hand.


Renaissance Fair

Tulle skirt: h&m, Razor back tank: target, Snake belt: ?, Snake gladiators: madden girl, Bedazzled Sword: optional


Crisp Evenings

Isabel Lucas, Vogue Italia Sept 09, Shot by Mark Seliger

PC - Fashion Copious


An all time fav of mine and since she just got married this weekend to Ben Gibbard, the man behind the dreamy vocals of Death Cab For Cutie, I thought it appropriate to profile her.
She is the #1 Indie Princess and her dramatics are to die for. I leave every film wishing I was in my own Zooey like world, romancing with artistic boys and batting my saucer eyes while we frolic through scenes to a perfectly selected soundtrack.
Delicate and fabulously quirky, she always seems like she knows something we don't about love. And well, she probably does. On film her clothes are always cute and continuously feminine, no matter the character. (Did you see 500 Days of Summer?!)
She is also a gifted songstress. Her music is just as sweet and interesting as she is and yes, if you listen with your ipod in while out and about you will feel like you're in your own indie rom-com.
Her personal style is notably just as feminine and always covet worthy. From a darling dress to soft, chic ensembles, this indie princess gets it right. Always.
The best part about her is that aside from her perfect style, gorgeous looks, and just the right amount of endearing charm, she is really smart and funny. Every interview I see with her makes me love her more. She is genuine and that will always shine brightest and always keep me as a fan.


InStyle/ Moschino Party

Last night we went to the Moschino/InStyle party at the Moschino store in the Meatpacking district. White wine and spiked lemonade was being served. People milled around, handling the new Fall garments and exclaiming over the chic bags. But I found the store decor itself to be the most fun part of the evening.
There were adorable clusters of heart lights hanging low, peppering the ceiling and hearts engraved in the floor.
Check out the cute seat, shaped like a handbag :)

What really caught my eye was this black sued, ruffled wedge.
It's hard to see the detailing but they are soooo perfect for winter. Very retro feminine with a funky twist. I can see myself wearing them with a high-waisted tulip skirt and colored tights or liquid leggings with a studded tunic.


Costume- Navy boyfriend blazer: vintage Emporio Armani, White t-shirt: Bitten, Black satin shorts: Bebe, Snakeskin platforms: Calvin Klein, Silver heart: Sonia Benjamin, Camio: Grandma's vintage


Grande Faute!

I am so sad to report that I have made a grand mistake. I missed out on attending the Barneys book signing for Scott Schuman aka The Satorialist.

(How cute is Garance!!!)

Of course the lovely Garance Doré was there, along with some other fashion leaders like the fierce Anna Dello Russo (fashion director of Vogue Nippon)
and the breathtaking Giovanna Battaglia (fashion editor at L'Uomo Vogue, stylist, and former model)
Despair! Why, fates? Why?!!? I knew it was happening, yet in the midst of the commotion I dropped the ball! Christine understands, she's who reminded me of our horror this morning.

BIG Sigh.

All I can do is purchase his wonderful first book and dreamily flip through the pages, vowing to never miss a chance to meet my heros in person again.


A Fashion Halloween

The night was like Halloween, a fashion Halloween. So well put by my darling friend (and fellow blogger) Christine. The air was crisp, the wind was strong, and everyone was dressed up in their fashion best.
We started the night at Bergdorf and found ourselves in a line abuzz with talk of Victoria Beckham just leaving. Zac Posen had painted (while in the window display) the most gorgeous dresses ever! I am so sad I missed it, I've adored his dreamy designs since the beginning.
Once inside our presence was graced by the oh so lovely and freckled Caroline Trentini.
We were shuffled along in the crowd to see none other than Marchesa's Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. Both stunning as they signed the night's signature T-shirt.
Rachel Zoe was also there with her husband, who was chatting with Mr. Georgina Chapman also known as Harvey Weinstein.
Christine snapped this cute Rachel Zoe picture who I must say is TINY.
We turned the corner to find Andre Leon Talley contucting a human board game with Donna Karan and friends. Emily Rossum watched on as Mr. Talley shouted questions from his fur covered throne.
It was all totally surreal and when P. Diddy walked next to me all I could utter was "Hiii".
Christine's picture is a two in one (check out who is behind her, on the left.)
We went upstairs to check out the shoes and I drooled over these luscious Louboutins
We needed to get over to Barneys, as the night was flying by and we didn't want to miss the festivity there.
There, we encountered Simon Doonan (the creative director) in the middle of a raffle.
Then I went on my quest to find my beloved Mary-Kate and Ashley. They were in the Men's department promoting their men's line for The Row.
The crowd was intense, it's ridiculous how famous they are.
After waiting they finally came out and people went crazy. Pictures were snapping, teens were shouting, and everyone was pushing.
To my luck, the girls ended up at a table right next to me! After much commotion Ashley finally hushed the crowd and proceed to offer everyone drinks and tell them "just hang out and chill."
(How cute is Ashley's smile?)
So after I sighed and swooned, Christine and I decided to mosey on our way. As we were leaving we ran into Hana Soukupova towing over us as she also left and Christine exchanged words with her fav Simon Doonan. (posing cute with his bag)
On Madison we went to the Donna Karan store to see my fav ginger model Coco Rocha doing Irish Step dancing and teaching a lucky few. Donna Karan looked as chic as ever, hanging out with the large crowd.
The night overall was loads of fun and definitely not lacking in style. We saw various models and socialites, including the bean pole thin and utterly stunning Lauren Santo Domingo at Tod's. Chrisitne and I spotted our fashion stars left and right, but my highlight is of course MKA.
The night was fabulous although I can't say that many people were actually purchasing clothing, which was the intended goal. But the other goal was to "Make fashion fun again," that goal was far exceeded.
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