Sweet Little Lies

 Cream and white lace for Spring!
Layer it with silky, nude blouses and sheer flowing skirts. 
Choose a bright lip for a pop of color!
Pale blush colored items make perfect layers for all your lace
 Don't forget thin, white cotton scattered with eyelets and ruffles for a variety of textures

Mix them all together for a delightful Spring cocktail! 

Little White Lie
Elle US March 2010
Shot by: Horst Diekgerdes

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RIP Alexander McQueen

Innovative, Creative, Genius
  Visionary, Inspirational, Enfant Terrible
 Whimsical, Breathtaking, Extraordinary
  See my absolute favorite of his creations HERE

"A provocateur, almost like a highwire act, an exercise in daring creativity. He raised the bar so high on what was even possible with clothing." - Simon Doonan


Mod Squad

I love 60s makeup. The smokey eye and nude lip makes a perfect face for a night out, especially if your outfit is full of sparkle and detail.
This is my version of the 60s face:
 Slightly less darkness on the eye with some shimmer and heavy mascara. Never forget the matte, nude lips.  

Bridget Bardot did it so well:



Girl Can't Help It

Lea Michele rocked my world this award season
 My Favorite:

Her choices are so delicious; just my taste in gowns!! Can I borrow?


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