60 Feet Tall

Alison Mosshart

One half of The Kills with Jamie Hince

Lead vocals and guitarist in the new super group The Dead Weather with Jack White, Jack Lawrence, and Dean Fertita

Her style is pure Rock and Roll. From fur coats, to vintage band Ts, to leopard and plaid. She exudes cool. 

Seeing her perform is an experience all its own. With her unquestionable command of the stage, her raw yet clear voice, and insane guitar skills - she is a rock goddess. 

Her performance saturated in sexiness and is utterly feline. You cannot help but be mesmerized by her piercing eyes and signature jet black hair thrown about her face.

She is, without a doubt, the most bad ass rock chic around right now. With her "I could care less" looks and tough outfits, I can only hope to sometime throw together a look as cool as hers.  Plus no one can miss the loads of talent she has to back up that attitude.  


Only 3 Days...

Who Will You Be??


Floral Lace

I so need a pair! Where can I get the best ones?
PC- Mr. Newton


The Future of Women's Fashion

We attended the panel discussion of the Future of Women's Fashion with the Washington Post's Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion writer Robin Givhan, designers Isaac Mizrahi and Ashley Olsen, with Glamour's EIC Cindi Leive as moderator.
As I was waiting for Christine to arrive I spotted Ashley's BF Justin Bartha strolling casually in with everyone else to take his seat in the audience. Turns out he was sitting just across the isle from us. And so was Mary-Kate who joined him (from backstage) with a hug shortly before the lecture started. I thought it was beyond sweet they came to support Ashley and that they both just sat in the middle of the audience.
It was quite an interesting discussion; I was delighted by Issac Mizrahi's humour and Ashley's modesty. Robin Givhan and Cindi Leive both impressed me with their insight and wit. They covered all topics from Ashley's opinion that "value is skewed" and Issac's profound "Fashion happens but design is eternal." Robin commented on Michelle Obama as unlocking a place in fashion for women over 40 who may have felt left out and Issac felt her style was more a reflection of women today rather than trend setting.
I was really impressed by Robin's answer to the question about why people are so offended by a $25,000 dress. Saying that it doesn't negate the fact that there are also great $25 dresses out there, she also commented that it's easy to hate the fashion industry. And because it's a female dominated industry it becomes an easy target. She made the perfect correlation to a man buying $25,000 football season tickets; society's reaction is very different.
Ashley discussed her lines The Row and Elizabeth and James which I both adore. When asked whether her time was split equally between designing on her own or working with her teams she responded that it was, but she was always with her sister; she was her #1 partner.
(I was mesmerized by MK's gorgeous jacket & Ashley's dress/jacket/ shoes combo was feminine and perfect)

The discussion ended with the topic of style. Issac put it best when he said that the people who truly have style love each garment, have a history with it. They will wake up and want to try it with something new, reworking it every time. That's style; to be able to create with and think about the clothes that you love. I couldn't agree more.

PC - Christine, Just Jared, Olsens Anonymous



A spread created by artist Maurizio Cattelan with Linda Evangelista as his living art.

I love the one with the chickens!
I think Linda is one of the best models of all time. Cattelan chose her because "She's a still actress." Exactly. And her range of expressions and emotions say it all.

Linda in W Mag, Nov 09.
Photos: Pierpaolo Ferrari
Curated: Dennis Freedman
Styled: Camilla Nickerson

PC- W Mag


Can We Please Talk?

A Picture of Dior Perfection.
I want to wear casual red lips with my denim shorts, during the daytime. Loving this for fall.
Luv her! Julia Restoin Roitfeld - always gorgeous!
Can someone tell me where I can find an affordable leather jacket similar to what Karlie Kloss is sporting?? I've been looking everywhere!
See how she wears her fur stole so casually with skinny jeans and a loose shirt? Watch for it.
PC- Mr. Newton photos of the Dior show in Paris


40s Glamour

So often I find myself drawn to lux textures and glamorous fabrics. I love to wear them all the time and would. Except that sometimes I hesitate, thinking I have no where to go.
Then I stop, shake my head, and put on my white rabbit fur vest to go to work at my extremely casual office. Because I remember that glamour cannot be saved for later. It cannot be horded away like the last piece of your favorite dessert. It must be celebrated!
Because, let's face it, every day can be special. And no matter what we think we are saving anything for, we must always take risks and go full fabulous force.
Life is happening now, not later.
LBD: Diabless Paris, Rabbit vest, Vintage, Purple pumps: Steve Madden, Tights: Hue, Leather driving gloves: Vintage, Jewelry: Vintage + Grandma
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