One Tough Cookie

If I had to choose one look to wear for the rest of my days...

It would be this:
A gorgeous, girlie dress, a tough topper (preferably a relaxed leather jacket or a boyfriend blazer), and aggressive heels. It's the perfect juxtaposition of feminine and masculine.

I'm a girl who loves to wear dresses and skirts. I can't get enough of ruffles, feathers, and frilly tiers. The best way to ground this look while adding a modern edge is tough, rocker pieces.

Guaranteed you will feel so cool and so sexy.
And always so very feminine.
PC- Garance Doré


Welcome to Miami

When it's as hot and muggy as today is, all I want to do is splash in the waves. The Ocean is Calling...

PC - Studded Hearts, Le Fashion, Miss at la Playa

DIY - Tiger Scratches

White is always the dominant summer color (or non-color if you want to get technical). It feels tropical and will match with any bright color you can think of. As any article of clothing, white will instantly make you look fresh.

My newest foray into white is jeans. Since moving to NYC my style has become tougher with more rock infused elements. This DIY is definitely in that category.

Get a pair of white painted on jeans, choose cheep (F21 - $14) to stay on the safe side.

  1. Put them on and draw a line across the mid-thigh in pencil to give yourself a starting off point.
  2. Take them off and cut straight across with fabric sheers. Continue to cut straight lines down the leg; remember to mix of the spacing in between each cut. This will ensure a distressed, less contrived look.
  3. Throw in wash and dryer (or hang dry if you’re like me and don’t have ANY space for the jeans to shrink)

Result = Rocker Chic and Summer fresh!

You can wear them with heels and a T-shirt for a night out or colorful flats and a bright flowing top for a casual day in the city.


Song of Purple Summer

Union Square farmer's Market proves that fresh fruit is the perfect summer accessory
I heart the Farmer's market

Ombre Dress: Target, Rings: Grandma and Vintage, Cookie: Vegan


Timeless Style

In honor of the late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and her gorgeous husband John John. Their style was pure, classic American. Minimal and timeless, they were true American Royalty.
My favorite pic of themPC: Huffington Post


Chanel Couture Show Favorites

I wish I had a Holiday Ball to wear this at
The classic Chanel suit in an edgy, modern way (love the 3/4 sleeves.) I continue to drool
This dress is a Macabre dream, can you imagine it with lots of vintage sparkles?
I can only dream to wear this to a lovely dinner and then the Opera; bow in hair and all.

Gossip Girl Goes Downtown

Razer back: HM, Flower skirt: Target, Cardi: Mom's, White flats: thrifted Jill Sander, Scarf as necklace: vintage


C'est Vendredi!

PC- fashion Gone Rogue, Le Fashion, Refinery 29, Olsens Anonymous


Reality Bites

The plethora of plaid, chunky Dr. Martens, and floral dresses. It was the mid 90s and life was grunge good. After watching this old favorite and seeing waify Wynonna in a crochet cream dress and Mary Janes, I yearn for the era past. Lucky for me, it's all back and with a vengeance.
No one does 90s fashion in a 2009 better than Rumi from Fashion Toast:

Bright Floral Dresses with Chunky Black Shoes:
Crushed Velvet body-con Dresses and Countless Vests:

Heavy Jackets over Light Dresses and Never-ending Plaid:
Brenda's Ripped Jeans:
Rumi's Ripped Jeans:
Double Breasted Blazer Dresses and Jean Jackets:

P.C.- FashionToast
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