Polish Pretzels

I've wanted to go to Poland for a long time. My grandparents are both from Warsaw and after miraculously surviving the Holocaust, ended up being sponsored and moving to the USA.

And so I'm American.

But in a different life I might have been living in Krakow, sipping a coffee in the local cafe, walking along the lovely river at sunset. It’s the one city that wasn’t destroyed in WW2 and its old Eastern European charm is enthralling.

The sky and clouds in this city were breathtaking; I could stop snapping photographs of its beauty against the medieval structure of the prince’s castle.

The architecture was enchanting, in a way that transports you back in time as you stroll over clean cobble stone streets that twist and turn, all directing you to a splendid city square. It was full of delightful restaurant and cafes, art and music.

I saw two wedding photo sessions, look how chic they are! Oh I adore summer weddings!

Pretzels on every street corner, just like New York!

The long hall of the Amber Bazaar

The river at dusk was dreamy and the night life so fun! I will definitely be back to this wonderful city!


Back to My Roots

Warsaw is different than I expected. It was completely destroyed by WW2 and rebuilt under communism. As a city I thought it would be grey and brown, ugly block buildings with small windows. That the city itself would be bland, with nothing to do but historical tours.

I was very wrong.

It is a thriving city and the capital of the country. Although the city was completely rebuilt they tried to recreate the original landmarks and old eastern European feel.

It has cute cafes and many Amber shops (the country's gem)

There is a large, lush park with ponds and chateaus. This is my dream home, with gorgeous French style influences situated in the middle of a lovely river; it came complete with a peacock.

There were horses and buggies and cats in window sills.

We went to the only active Synagogue and one of the only left standing (and restored) in the city. The light was spellbinding.

Polish food is traditional but delicious and I found the people to be just genuinely kind. I truly enjoyed Warsaw and would definitely go back.


London Calling

London is a fascinating city. With its charming old architecture and utterly English gardens, I always feel dapper and sophisticated when I'm there.
I was visiting my lovely college roommate who now lives near Kings Road and we had a marvelous time. And although my weekend was much to short, I enjoyed it all the same.

Kings Road, charming
Just like John, Paul, George, and Ringo
One thing I noticed about British fashion is that it's very mixed but always sophisticated. From vintage to punk to proper, the people here follow through with every style.

Clouds on Portobello Road
Flowers, Flowers, Flowers
Thames by dusk
Camden Lock is always my favorite place to shop not only because there is a huge, wonderful vintage market but I also love to look at all the Punks that hang out there.

Properly Punk
Shopping in Camden
London is so genulinly dapper and clean, even the not so nice parts seem nice. It's all in the charming architecture and lovely old buildings. Even the lamp posts bring you back to the time of Mary Poppins.
This fall you'll find me in tweeds and houndstooth, cute oxfords and proper driving gloves.
Cheers to London!



French Stripes

So chic, so clean, so easy. Gives any outfit that "je ne sais quois."

Wear it très casual in a 3 quarter sleeve T-shirt:
Or a simple dress with a slouchy sweater for a more effortless yet dressy look
Dare to layer: over a girlie skirt and with a boyfriend blazer (adorable structured bag optional)
Classic with a twist, Carrie always gets it right.
Does this look....
Remind you of this look?
I love love love both of them!!
Whitney's is more nautical inspired and Carrie's seems more whimsical, but both over ruffled floral dresses = perfection!


Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing

Animal prints from summer to fall, I just can't get enough.

PC - Le Fashion, Fashion Gone Rogue
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